Born 1970 in Niskayuna, New York, United States from French descent, Jeffrey Bisaillon has lived the majority of his life in Scotia, New York. He attributes his Father's love of photography, his Grandfather's love of painting and his great Uncle's love of illustrating as the catalyst that led him on his creative path.

Jeffrey is a self taught artist that has painted for 20+ years. He has painted in many genres through the years, but his earliest connection was with the abstract. Most of his work is achieved through his process of applying and removing paint in methodic layers of color and technique. His current abstracts have a clean, modern edge. The pairing of vibrant colors, bold brush work and resin finish create energetic pieces that jump off the wall. He is fascinated by making the simplest shapes into a thing of beauty.

In 2010, Jeffrey began creating what he coins “uber-contemporary” pieces. He has been immersing himself since in the new body of work. These pieces were designed in simplistic nature utilizing the organic curve of the circle, contained within the clean modern lines of the square. He believes that these are the perfect union of art and design.

Jeffrey has been on a mission to develop several series that continue to break new ground in the contemporary art movement by utilizing the 3D aspects of the Modern Simplicity. Taking the concept to a new level the Modern Visage Series was created in 2016.
As new and exciting materials are made available to Architects, Engineers and Designers to produce absolutely stunning properties, artists must also continue to push the envelope and keep up with the ever changing world of design.

He is dedicating all his time into experimenting in the use of many different materials to produce the needed effects he is searching for.

Jeffrey is striving to stay at the forefront of cutting edge art and design!

Bisaillon paintings are in many collections throughout the United States and Canada.

Jeffrey lives with his wife and two children in Scotia, New York.

“I am in constant search of that perfect union of art and design in order to entice ones freedom of thought and emotion”